Mirror, Shoulder, Signal by Dorothe Nors


What do driving lessons, massage, crime novels and an uncommunicative sister have in common?  They are like the displaced stones in Sonja’s inner ears, causing her dizziness.  Like this inner ear condition, she can’t override all these components of her life; she has to manage them.  Sonja manages two driving instructors who each give her a different set of challenges. Meanwhile, the crime novels she translates from Swedish to Danish remind her that the dark underworld is not for her.  Massage relieves her stress but presents her with yet more expectations.  Despite her aspirations to earn her living via the life of the mind, among other thinkers and dreamers in the city (Copenhagen), her rural home and family draw her as the seat of her true longing.  Overlapping present and past, dream and reality, humor and drama, not unlike Virginia Woolf, Dorothe Nors leads us through Sonja’s transition from student-driver to navigator of her own destiny, “to take what was dragging her down in one place and transform it into something that raised her up in the other” (153).  This book is shortlisted for the 2017 Man Booker Prize.      

Author: marilivtollefson

I teach and play violin when not reading and reviewing books. Thanks to indie authors for opening my world and sharing theirs! Find my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Kobo, Midwest Book Review and BookPage, among others.

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