The Day of the Tiger by Dallas Gorham

“Be less like a sheep and more like a tiger,” private investigator and narrator Chuck McCrary tells Al Rice, the man he’s hired to help (216).  This fifth book in the McCrary series might at first seem like a typical cat and mouse chase, but it’s more than that; it’s about finding truth, finding a reason to pursue right over wrong.  Al has hit rock bottom.  After a series of mistakes, this former college football star finds himself addicted to drink, drugs and self-pity.  He’s deep in debt to a nasty loan shark, Monster Moffett, who earns his name smashing Al’s hand and threatening his mom when Al shows up empty-handed.  Al’s rich ex pro-footballer Tank, now a successful accountant, hires Chuck McCrary to get Al – and his mom – out of this bind.  But can they convince Al to take better command of his life?

Among many colorful characters Chuck  meets tracking villains and making new friends (despite his bad jokes) are Tegumetosa “Teddy” Ngombo and neighbor Yvet.  Teddy is a born Tiger-like warrior from Africa who speaks perfect English and questions his boss, Monster’s, methods.  Does he, like Al, come to a follow-Jesus moment?  Chuck finds more information than he bargains for knocking on Yvet’s door looking for Teddy.  (She’s a sucker for a gunman, in more ways than one.)

Dallas Gorham doesn’t wastes a dull sentence in this action-packed read.  If you liked this one, the book includes excerpts from his other books.         Author website

Author: marilivtollefson

I teach and play violin when not reading and reviewing books. Thanks to indie authors for opening my world and sharing theirs! Find my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Kobo, Midwest Book Review and BookPage, among others.

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